Les avantages de notre MultiTube Actif

The advantages of our MultiTube Active

Stay warm in style during the winter with the MultiTube Active!

Available in a variety of colours and patterns for everyone to express their personality, the KOLL MultiTube - Active is your best ally for winter activities. There are many ways to wear it proudly, which you can discover right here.

Our KOLL MultiTube protects you from the intense cold, no matter how you choose to wear it. It can be used as a hat, neck warmer or scarf! 

Its reversible design also allows you to give it a different look every day, depending on your mood or style preferences, either funky or classic. This essential accessory is also a way to cut the wind during your winter skiing or snowboarding sessions, so you can ski down the mountains in comfort!


A must for my cycling trips!
My MultiTube Active is always with me when I go out cycling, whether it's in the autumn or winter. It protects me perfectly from the cold and wind, without making me too hot during the activity. A must-have!


Breathe through summer and autumn with the MultiTube Active!


For your summer activities, the KOLL MultiTube - Active is guaranteed to keep you dry. Thanks to its ultra-light and slim design, it will save you from sweating even in the most extreme moments! The breathable, seamless and rimless material ensures optimum comfort for your skin, no matter how active you are. 

It protects you from the sun and wind, making it perfect for mountain biking, hiking, mild days on the ski slopes or even riding  your motorbike!


Great fit
I bought these for my daughters and me for skiing, but I also use it on my bike for cool mornings! It's soft, warm and not at all restrictive to the face.
-Mark H.

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