Become a KOLL ambassador!

🏂 ⛷ We invite you to register as a brand ambassador and thus obtain a minimum 10% commission on sales made with your partner promo code.

Do you want to have a 10% promo code for your subscribers? Write to us and we can create it in a personalized way for you.


  • Commission payments are made when there is a minimum of $50 accumulated in your partner account.
  • We make commission payments on a monthly basis, no later than 15 days after the end of the previous month. (Example: You have accumulated $75 in commission in June, you will receive an Interac payment from us no later than July 15th.)

How to do? Simple! 

  • Contact us to find out if you can become an ambassador at our email address:
  • When registering as an ambassador, complete the basic information. Do not forget to indicate the payment information for your commissions, i.e. the email address for sending Interac transfers.
  • Use the promo code that we will provide to you.
  • Want to promote a specific product like our towel poncho? Just share it on your social networks with your partner promo code. 

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    Questions? Do not hesitate to write to us at or via our email!